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Top 5 Gifts That Dancers Secretly Want

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This post was written by Cassidy London, Former Dance Studio Director, Freelance Writer and Author (

Top 5 Gifts That Dancers Secretly Want

Dancers can be hard to shop for, unless of course… you know what they secretly want! And what do dancers secretly want but rarely get? So many wonderful and creative items! Is it all leotards and ballet slippers?

No, there are much better gifts for dancers available out there! And especially during a festive holiday season, scoring a gift that the dancer in your life secretly wants… can get you some serious holiday bonus points!

From ballerina gifts geared to young beginner dancers to dance gifts for teens and even gifts for ballet dancers at the semi-pro and professional level, there are so many fabulous options to choose from. But before we explore some of these ideas, we must first establish what type of dancer you need to buy for.

There are so many different dance styles out there. From classical to contemporary, hip-hop to ballroom and more, it’s important to know what style the dancer in your life trains in in order to narrow down your options and find a gift that they secretly want.

If your dancer trains primarily in ballet, then ballerina gifts should be your go-to. Items with pictures of pointe shoes, tutus and items with images from the ballerina Degas paintings are all good places to start.

If your dancer favors hip-hop, then a dance duffel bag or funky personalized water bottle might be a better choice. Even a great quality mirror would make a fantastic gift for a ballroom dancer or contemporary dancer.

Let’s explore some of the top 5 gifts that dancers secretly want!

Wall stickers/decals

Every dancer wants to decorate their room with images of the things they love. Dance wall stickers are the best way to this. These stickers don’t ruin the paint or make holes in the walls and they give a classy, beautiful décor ambience to any room.

They can be used in a bedroom or even a home practice studio. Wall stickers are also a fun idea for dancers to give to their studio owners or teachers. There are many styles available on the market that would look great in a community dance studio. Another bonus is that they are removable. After a while, they can be removed and placed in another location. All of this makes wall stickers great gifts for dancers and specifically a great gift for ballet dancers!

Makeup mirror

Another great option when it comes to gifts for dancers is a makeup mirror. All dancers must wear makeup for shows and competitions so having a great mirror is crucial.

A foldable magnifying mirror is the best type to look for. It’s easy to pack up and travel with as well as use at home or in the studio. This especially makes a great dance gift for teens as they are always eager to do their own makeup and make themselves look their best. This idea is both a useful gift and something that will be enjoyed and help them look their best.

Decorative pillowcase

A decorative pillow case with images of dancers can be a great addition to a dancer’s bed or couch. This makes for unique dance gifts for teens and is also a lovely idea to use as gifts for ballet dancers.

If you know a teen or young adult who is perhaps moving out on their own, leaving home for school or work or even setting up their first apartment, then a decorative dance pillowcase is the perfect match for them!

Personalized water bottle

This is a nice option for dance recital gift ideas as well as individual gifts for dancers. All dancers need water bottles. Now, of course you can find one at pretty much any store. However, this does not make it a special gift. What makes this gift idea special is having the bottle personalized.

Bottles with the word DANCE on them, personalized with the dancer’s first name or even a picture of ballet shoes is a great way to provide a useful gift that the dancer will enjoy. Not to mention that when they are in class alongside ten to twenty other dancers, their water bottle will be easy to pick out amongst the crowd!

This idea works well as gifts for ballet dancers as well as nice dance gifts for teens. If you are a studio owner or teacher, they are also great dance recital gift ideas. Imagine giving one to each of your students after their year-end recital!

Dance jewellery

This is a creative way to keep the love of dance with you all day long! A necklace or bracelet with the word DANCE engraved or imprinted on it, is a gift that any dancer would love to receive. It’s a way for them to proudly display their love for the art of dance on their body even when they’re not dancing.

This is a gift that would be a guaranteed hit for a birthday, graduation or any other celebration. Perhaps even taking it a step further with a piece of jewellery specific to the style of dance that they love. Ballerina gifts for example, are always fun. Imagine seeing the eyes of your dancer sparkle as they open a beautiful bracelet or necklace with the word DANCE or even BALLET on it!

Some of the best options would be in fashion jewellery. These would make great dance recital gift ideas as well. Instead of presenting your dancer with flowers at their recital, you could gift them a beautiful piece of jewellery that they will cherish forever.

There are so many options available when it comes to gifts that dancers secretly want but rarely get! Hopefully, this list of top 5 gifts that dancers secretly want, will help you to find the perfect gift for that special dancer in your life. Always keep in mind that dancers love their art and creative ways of showing it off to the world. Being a dancer is an identity, so you can never go wrong with a dance-related gift for these amazing artists!

Check HERE for even more great options!

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Top 5 Gifts That Dancers Secretly Want

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